"Fougère Directoire" placemat pattern +
"Fougère Directoire" placemat pattern

"Fougère Directoire" placemat pattern

- Size of the fabric : 50x60 cm (provide a hem of 2 cm) for a finished placemat table of 38X50 cm

- Choice of fabrics below: white linen batist  or white cotton muslin

- Recommended embroidery stitch: point de bouclette et point de tige 

- Colors:  color sheet supplied with the model

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- Instructions: before completion, to take off ink excess of the drawing, we recommend to rub, in a circular motion between your thumbs, a small area of the embroidery  with soapy water ("savon de Marseille"). Allow to soak in cold water and start again if needed until traces of ink disappear. Never iron ink, heat will fix it. 

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